Make the most of your customer data.

Repeat business simplified, using your customer database.

Understand your order flow and make the most of customer data, using past sales history to create new revenue building strategies.

  • One click Invoice duplication for repeat orders
  • Cumulative revenue tracking per customer
  • Powerful reporting features to assess payment efficiency
  • Easy access to contact details, anywhere you are
Track top performing items

Dont guess, combine inventory with your customer database to make informed decisions on future product and service offerings based on historical trends.

Contact detail storage

Contact details of your clients are always available, anywhere you are, on any device, using the OSO Books customer database.

Target promotions to generate business

Look at sales history to discover repeat business opportunities. Identify inactive contacts in scope for targeted promotion (such as discount coupons or sales) via email.

Scale up productivity with OSO Books today

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