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Thats all it takes to get started generating professional, branded invoices.

Let OSO Books take the hard work out of invoicing.

Create your free trial account, add your business details, upload your brand image, and you are ready to start issuing invoices.

Email directly to your customers, and get paid faster via optional direct Credit card and PayPal payment options, via your personalised payment gateway on a private web URL exclusive to your business.

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Get paid quicker with OSO Books

Spend your time where it matters. Quickly generate professional invoices, and OSO Books will handle email notification, reminders and payment processing for you.

Generate an Invoice

Input customer details, add line items for your products or services, select payment terms and methods, and you are all set!

Issue via Email

A PDF is generated and attached to the email sent directly to your customer, with reminder notifications automatically taken care of.

Receive Payment

If selected, your customer can complete payment directly via Credit Card or PayPal using the unique link associated with the invoice.

Lets see those features

Check out some of the features below. Why not Create your free OSO Books trial account and give it a go? No credit card required, and you will be issuing professional invoices within minutes.

Save time generating invoices by linking regular products and features from inventory, directly to your invoices. List price and descriptions will be automatically pre-applied (and can be further customised), and stock levels for physical goods will be automatically updated.

Using the OSO Books inventory adds powerful reporting capability to optimise your business. Discover insights into your products and services you offer, through analysis of your day-to-day business data.

Make payment of invoices easy for clients by optionally enabling Credit Card and or PayPal support on invoices where applicable. A unique web link is generated and provided to your customers via automated email notification, with an integrated checkout for immediate payment using the methods you have enabled.

Direct credit card payment is safe, easy and affordable, supported via the Stripe and PayPal payment gateways.

Free up your time by automating issue of invoices directly from OSO Books. We will take care of email delivery with a payment link, and automatic reminders for upcoming or late payments.

Emails contain a transaction summary, payment links where applicable, and a crisp, on-demand generated copy of the complete invoice, attached in PDF format with your branding and contact details.

Upgrade to the professional subscription to enable support for emails sent from your business email address.

Secure and professional. All invoices are generated and issued in PDF format, ensuring compatibility across all platforms and devices.

Customers are automatically provided a PDF copy attached to any email notification indicating current status, and are able to generate a new copy at any time by accessing the unique web URL associated with each invoice.

Split an invoice into multiple scheduled/layaway payments to meet your customer and business requirements. Email notification reminders of each upcoming instalment will be automatically sent to the customer, with the unique web payment URL allowing customers to pay upcoming instalments in advance if desired, to close out an invoice early.

Providing goods or services on a subscription basis? Setup a recurring invoice and let OSO Books take care of the rest. We'll issue a new invoice to your customers automatically per the configured schedule, take care of payment and email reminders, while you can focus on building your business.

Lets face it, sales taxes can get complicated. Let OSO Books take the effort and human error element out of it, with automated tax calculation per line item (if you have configured your accounting package to do so).

The best part? When tax time comes around, your tax-ready report will capture tax applied with the key financials of your business ready for issue directly to your accountant or taxation department.

We recognise not all business are subject to goods and services tax collection (depending on location and gross revenue), so tax settings are of course an optional feature, and can be turned on at any time as your business grows!

Quickly and easily link repeat customers from your customer database to an invoice. Contact details will be pre-populated, saving time, with the added benefit of reporting capability on financial metrics and invoice history associated with that customer!

Invoicing a new customer? Tick a box and save those details during invoice creation to a new customer record to start capturing reportable data on that customers invoices.

Hey, that invoice has the same line items that this customer needs too! Quickly create a copy of an existing pending, paid, or draft invoice, and with a few clicks through the customisation wizard you will have your new invoice issued, and ready for payment.

Start issuing invoices with OSO Books today

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