Expense tracking. Sorted.

Capture your expenditure, anywhere you are.

Don't leave profit loss calculation to a pile of receipts at tax time. Always know your position by capturing expenses as they occur.

Attach photos of your receipts to expense records, attach an email or PDF, and take the administrative stress out of day-to-day business expenditures.

How do i upload receipts?

Dont miss a cent.

OSO Books makes tracking your expenses quick and easy. Powerful features to help you capture everything as it happens, and ensure you are always aware of your position.

Track your payment source for each expense

Assign your expenses to a payment source to track precisely how much was spent from each credit card, paypal, cash or other method.

When it comes time to cross check the books, instantly run a report on the desired time span for a complete list of transactions.

Assign expenses to custom categories for reporting

Create categories to assign your expenses, enabling powerful reporting on key areas of your day-to-day running costs.

Generate reports on category spending over any time span, instantly. Fine-tune your category structure for maximum power over your data, and insights on your key expenses.

Capture tax paid on expenses, ready for tax time.

For many businesses, reporting the sales tax you paid on expenses is a key requirement at tax time. Capture this data as you spend, and save time with tax ready reports, ready when you need them.

Attach copies of your physical receipts

Time spent efficiently managing your physical transaction records can often drop priority as business gets busy.

Let OSO Books securely store those records for you with each expense. You'll have a copy instantly available, any time you need it - No hunting through that pile of receipts!

Export your expense data for offline use

Generate expense summaries for offline use. Select a time span, filter on the data or categories you want, and press the export button. Thats it! A copy of your records are automatically downloaded, to do with as you need.

Track your expenses with OSO Books today

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