Invoices in an instant, using Inventory.

Track stock and gain insights through reporting.

Quickly add your regularly used products and services to an invoice at your list price, while tracking stock levels and profit over time.

Get invoices ready in minutes

Save time by pre-populating product details onto invoices at your list price, in just a few clicks.

Track and report

Track your stock levels for physical goods, view profit per item and gain insight into your sales through powerful reporting features.

Level up your productivity

Its the core function of your business, providing goods and services. Level up your productivity by invoicing directly from OSO Books inventory.

Improve efficiency with reporting

Leverage the power of data by using OSO Books inventory to issue invoices, opening up doors to a range of insights such as profit and demand per item over any timespan.

Get notified early

Dont get caught out - set up low stock notification warnings to alert you before its too late. Fully customisable warning thresholds, adjustable per inventory item.

Export your data for offline use

Generate on-demand copies of your inventory for offline use. Select a time span, filter on the data or categories you want and press the export button. Thats it! A copy of your records are automatically downloaded, to do with as you need.

Track your products and services with OSO Books today

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