Automatic customer notification, as you invoice.

Beautiful branded invoices, automatically sent to customers as they are generated, with easy direct payment, via your own private payment gateway.

Instant Notification

Notify your customers as you generate invoices, with the click of a button.

Branded Emails

Your business, your brand. Use your own brand images on emails and invoices, quickly and easily.

Direct Payment Links

Get paid faster via optional Credit card and PayPal payment, with your own payment gateway.

PDF Invoices

Secure and professional. Invoices are generated and attached in PDF format, compatible across all devices.

Due/Overdue Reminders

Invoice still unpaid and nearing payment due date? OSO Books will take care of reminders.

Custom SMTP Support

Upgrade to a professional subscription to enable support for emails sent from your own business email address.

Send your invoice, in just a few clicks

Quickly and easily create your professional branded invoices using OSO Books, and with the click of a button they will be generated to PDF and delivered direct to your customers inbox, with a payment link.

  • Customise the message content
  • Choose to send a copy to yourself, for reference
  • Optionally, send using your own business email address*
    * Requires OSO Books Professional subscription

Step up your efficiency with OSO Books today

Try it free for 14 days, no credit card required. You could be issuing your first professional, branded invoice within 10 minutes.