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When certain conditions are triggered, an alert is generated and logged in your notification history. Depending on the severity and the notification settings you have configured in your subscription management profile, an email may also be sent to you.

Alerts may be generated for the following events related to your business toolkit:

  • Invoice payment due within 24 hours
  • Invoice payment overdue
  • New invoice in a recurring invoice schedule has been generated
  • Last item in a recurring invoice schedule was issued
  • Low stock notification
  • Changes are made to your Financial configuration and/or Invoice information

Additionally, OSO Books may alert you via email about conditions of your subscription, such as:

  • Nearing monthly email limit
  • Monthly email limit reached
  • Subscription is due for renewal
  • A user account password has been changed
  • Support ticket status changed

Notification Icon (Toolbar)

If you have notifications active, for example an invoice nearing the due date, the notification icon will display a badge with the number of active alerts.

Clicking the icon will expand the alert summary panel.

Clicking View All / History redirects you to the detailed notification history page.

Dashboard Notification

When unacknowledged notifications are present, an alert banner is also displayed on your dashboard. Depending on the severity, the colour will reflect criticality. In the example shown, urgent alerts are present.

Clicking on the alert banner will redirect you to notification history, to view details about active and past alerts.

Current Notification Details

The alert history page summarises active and past alerts. If active alerts are present, you may be able to click on the alert to be redirected to the relevant item for action.

In the example shown, the top alert indicates Invoice #22-0006 is due for payment within 24 hours. Clicking the alert will redirect you to #22-0006 as to review the invoice specifics, and enable you to revise your payment due date if necessary.

To acknowledge an alert, click the Dismiss button corresponding to the alert, or alternatively click Dismiss all alerts in the toolbar to acknowledge all items.

Alerts are automatically closed if no longer valid. For example if Invoice 22-0006 is marked as paid via automated payment or manual update to the invoice, the alert is also closed.

Notification History

The historical notification summary displays past alerts that are no longer active. No action can be taken on these items, and are presented for information only. The action date indicator details the acting user, and date time the alert was acknowledged. Items containing label "auto closed", were automatically closed by OSO Books due to the triggering condition or threshold no longer in warning state.

This page represents a summary view only, and history is limited to the last 30 items. To view alert history older than this, generate an audit log report and filter on alerts

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