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Uploading your Business Logo

Add your business branding to emails and invoices by uploading a compatible image to your business toolkit. Dont have a logo yet? Not to worry, get started issuing invoices without one and update at any time using the guide below.

This guide walks through:

  • Uploading your image
  • Suggestions for best appearance and performance
  • What happens if I change my logo?

Uploading and enabling your branding

Have your image ready to go in PNG or JPG format, and follow the steps below. Refer to the next section for suggestions on optimising your image for best appearance and performance on invoices and emails!

Login to your business toolkit

If you are unsure where or how to do this, refer to the accessing your toolkit guide.

Click the SETUP link in the navigation toolbar.
Click the Business Profile option from the Setup navigation.
Set the branding/logo option to Yes.

Success text will be displayed a few moments after selection, confirming your update has been saved.

The upload image container is displayed below the option you enabled. Click the Browse button.
Select the appropriate image file from your device, and click OK to return back to OSO Books.

Compatible image formats: *.PNG, *.JPG

For best performance with emails, try to keep your image under 200kb in size.

A preview of your image is displayed within the container. Click the Upload button to save your image.

As indicated in orange text, this is a preview only. You must click Upload to save your changes!

Thats it! After a breif wait during upload, your branding is ready to go.

The Zoom icon will show a your image in a larger preview window.

Warning: The Bin icon will delete your image!

Head over to any existing invoice, or generate a new draft invoice and confirm the image looks as you would expect.

You may need to experiment with editing your image, and uploading again several times, until you are happy with the final product.

Cropping your image to contain only your logo with minimal surrounding white space typically produces the best results!

What happens if i change my logo?

  • Changing your logo will take effect immediately on all new emails and invoices generated.
  • Regenerating an old invoice to PDF will contain your new logo.
  • Any PDF's already generated and issued to customers via email will contain your old logo.
  • Warning: Any emails previously sent to customers containg your old image, may not be updated!

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