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Configuring PayPal Payment

Invoices generated with OSO Books can contain payment details for manual payment (such as cash sale or direct bank transfer) and/or support integrated payment via credit card (via Stripe) and PayPal through your payment gateway.

This guide walks through:

  • Enabling and configuring payment methods you support
  • PayPal payment using a account

Invoice payment via PayPal integration

PayPal needs no introduction, as one of the most widely used services for online consumer payment to date. OSO Books supports seamless payment for invoices via PayPal on your private payment gateway.

To enable payment via PayPal, sign up at, and setup the option in your toolkit using the procedure below.

Enabling support for PayPal payments

Use the below procedure to enable PayPal payment for your toolkit. Ensure

Login to your business toolkit

If you are unsure where or how to do this, refer to the accessing your toolkit guide.

Click the SETUP link in the navigation toolbar.
Click Payment Options from the Setup navigation panel.
Set the payment method you wish to enable to Yes. For this example, we will enable PayPal payments.

By setting up a payment method under setup, you enable this payment option to be enabled or disabled per each invoice generated.

Scroll down to the payment detail summary, and click Edit for the associated option.
A popup window is displayed, prompting for input of the option you have selected. Input a new value and click Edit.
A confirmation prompt is displayed.

The payment method you have enabled is now available in all future invoices generated.

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