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Welcome to OSO Books

Getting the hang of new software while you have a business to run sounds like extra stress! OSO Books has been designed from the ground up to make your transition silky smooth.

We have made it easy for you to try, obligation free, for 14 days. Continue business as usual on your current accounting package with no risk to business operations, and run parallel activities to get a feel for OSO Books before making the switch.

How it works

We get it - Every business is different, which is why OSO Books subscriptions tailor to your requirements. Different features are available depending on your subscription, which you can find detailed here. Start with only what you need, and upgrade as your business scales up.

You may find references to features in this help guide that are not available in your subscription. Where applicable these will be noted with a feature badge: example feature description   Pro

First things first

Your subscription is comprised of two key components, lets go over them quickly.

Subscription management

You manage your OSO Books subscription here on, with the email address you signed up with.

This is the portal for administration of your subscription. Here you can view billing history, configure notification settings and customise your toolkit URL   Pro .

Generally, once you are up and running, you wont need to visit your subscription management portal unless changes or renewal is required.

Your OSO Books business toolkit

The day-to-day business command center. Issue Invoices, Manage Expenses, and so on.

Your toolkit is accessed via your own private URL, which can be customised from the subscription management portal. Login with the username which you chose at sign up, or on Professional and Enterprise subscriptions with multi user support   Pro , your login details may be assigned to you by your administrator.

Need help?

We pride ourselves on stress free operation, and your business depends on it. If you cant find an answer here in the support guide, we are always here to help. Login to your profile and create a support ticket, or reach out via any of our other contact methods.

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