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Accessing your toolkit

With your subscription, a private, configurable address is assigned. This address is the entry/access point to your business toolkit, and is a key component of other functions, such as receiving payment for invoices.

This guide will assist you with:

  • Finding out your private address
  • How to access your business toolkit
  • Making changes to your address

What is my private address?

When your toolkit is first deployed, a unique address is generated based on your business name. The address is included in your starter email, and is always available from your subscription management profile here on

Login to your subscription management profile

If you are unsure where or how to do this, refer to the managing subscription guide.

Your link is displayed in the heading toolbar on all profile pages after login.

Clicking the link will take you to your business toolkit login page.

How do i access my business toolkit?

Simple! Click the link from your profile, as described above, or simply type the address directly into your browser. We recommend you bookmark your link for quick, direct access for your day to day business requirements.

Login to your subscription management profile
Select the Subscription tab.
Scroll down the page to locate the Customise your URL heading.

Changing your address

Your business toolkit is accessed via your own private URL, which can be customised at any time. Note that a valid subscription is required, your address cannot be changed during the trial period.

Select the Subscription tab from your Profile
Scroll to the Customise your URL category
Update your preferred prefix in the input box, and click Save

Use letters, numbers and hyphen (-) only. Your new preferred prefix may already be in use! If so try a variation until you find free combination that works for you.

Test the new URL in your browser

The change will take effect immediately.

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