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Managing Invoices

This guide covers the features available on the invoice management page. Depending on the invoice currently being viewed, some options may or may not be displayed, and will be noted where applicable.

Features covered by this guide include:

  • Invoice management toolbar
  • Editing an invoice
  • Duplicating an invoice
  • Emailing an invoice
  • Generating a PDF
  • Managing payment status
  • Web payment URL
  • History and Notes

Invoice management toolbar

The invoice management toolbar is displayed at the top of each invoice and quote, and options available vary based on the type of invoice, its payment status and access assigned to your user account.

Invoice action buttons

The below summary provides a high level overview of action buttons available on the invoice management page. More details help guides on specific features are referenced where available.

Edit Invoice

Redirect to the invoice editor wizard. Editing an invoice is only supported for invoices in draft, or pending payment status. The option is not available for paid invoices.

Generating a PDF

Clicking the print button will generate an on demand copy of this invoice to PDF format. Note that issuing an invoice to customers directly will also generate and attach a PDF copy of the invoice, which can be optionally sent to yourself.

Duplicate Invoice

Issuing an invoice with identical line items to this, or another customer? Copying an invoice will redirect you to the invoice creation wizard, with elements prepopulated based on the duplication source. All items can be customised during creation, and no changes are made to the original invoice.

Email Invoice

Send a copy of this invoice directly to your customer, with a PDF copy attached. If credit card or paypal payment options were selected for this invoice, the email will include a payment link for direct payment of this invoice. You can optionally send a copy of all emails to yourself for reference.

For more details on this feature, visit the Issuing to customers help guide.

Manage Payment Status

For cash or bank transfer invoices pending payment, manually mark an invoice as paid, by selecting the paid date and clicking Mark as paid. You will be prompted to optionally send a copy of the completed invoice in PDF format to your customer.

For invoices already complete, the toolbar options are updated. You can optionally revert the invoice back to unpaid status, or issue a refund using the relevant button.

For more details on this feature, visit the Managing payment status help guide.

Web Payment URL

Each invoice is available for customers to view online, via the unique url associated with the invoice, which is included automatically when invoices are issued via OSO Books. The web payment URL is located in a container below the invoice.

For invoices with credit card or paypal payment options available, customers are able to make direct payment to you via this URL, with automatic invoice payment status updates and notifications.

For more details on this feature, visit the Web Payment URL help guide.

History and Notes

As actions are performed on an invoice, such as editing or issuing, entries are automatically added to the History and Notes section. Optionally you can also add your own notes, such as postal tracking information, using the Add Item button.

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