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Invoice/Email Quotas

Trial and Basic subscriptions are limited in the number of monthy invoices that can be issued directly to your customer via email from OSO Books. Professional and Enterprise subscriptions are not subject to email limits.

If a limit is applicable to your subscription, current usage and rollover date is displayed:

  • When you click Email Invoice in your toolkit
  • By opening the Subscription setup page in your toolkit
  • From your subscription management profile, here on

What consumes email quota?

  • Sending invoices to customers. Clicking the Email Invoice button, will use 1 unit of your quota.
  • Recurring invoice schedules, such as auto generated monthly invoices, consume 1 unit per invoice generated.
  • Sending a copy to yourself does not consume additional quota.

Do automatic payment reminders to customers count?

Automatic reminder emails to clients, such as payment due and overdue reminders do not affect your email quota.

What about product notifications sent to me?

Any emails sent to you from your OSO Books toolkit, do not affect your email quota. For example, low stock notifications, or notices regarding recurring invoice scheduling.

Where can i view my current email quota usage?

When you click the Email Invoice button, current usage is shown on the email customisation prompt.

Alternatively, click the Setup button, and select the Subscription tab.

Usage is also available within your subscription management profile, here on

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