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Setting Invoice Options

This guide extends the general Creating an Invoice guide, specifically covering in more detail, the features and options associated with invoice options:

  • Payment methods
  • Split Payments/Instalments
  • Shipping costs
  • Invoice type Tax or General
  • Initial payment status and terms

Payment Methods

Payment methods available for selection when issuing invoices will vary based on your toolkit payment configuration. To enable payment methods such as PayPal or Credit Card via your payment gateway, view the PayPal Setup and Stripe Setup help guides.

Select the payment methods you wish to associate with this invoice.

Bank Transfer requires manual administration to confirm payment is received to the nominated account, and subsequently returning to the invoice to mark it as paid.

PayPal and/or Credit Card payment methods (where you have enabled these features in your toolkit) will add a direct payment link to emails, and automatic updates to invoice status when payment is completed by your customer.

Configuring Split Payment Instalments

Invoices can be configured for payment in multiple instalments, with automated notification reminders of upcoming and overdue payments handled automatically by OSO Books.

To utilise payment instalments, the option must be enabled and number of instalments defined with an interval during invoice creation, however the schedule can be finely customised (for instalments not already paid) after issuing the invoice. For example, extending or revise due dates, and amounts per instalment.

Enable the "Split this invoice into multiple scheduled payments" option.

Additional selections are displayed after enabling the option. Note that any parameters defined here build the instalment framework only, and are completely customisable to meet your requirements after generating the invoice.

Set the number of instalments, duration between each instalment and first instalment due date. The current schedule is calculated, and amount per instalment divided evenly between each instalment.

After clicking Generate, addtional line items are added to your invoice based on the auto calculated values.

To customise the instalment schedule, click Manage Split Payments from the toolbar at the top of the page. A prompt is displayed, enabling you to customise the specific dates and amount per instalment and change the payment status of each item. When complete, click Save and Refresh, to update your schedule.

If PayPal and/or Credit Card payment options are enabled for this invoice, your customer can select an instalment for payment via your private payment gateway. You will be notified of payment received, and instalment payment status updated automatically.

Additional detail on your payment gateway is available in the Unique Payment URL guide help guide.

Add Shipping Costs

Applying a shipping cost on the payment options page, appends an additional line item and updates the total accordingly, as shown below:

Invoice Labels

Invoices can be issued with TAX or GENERAL INVOICE labelling to meet compliance with your business, regional tax requirements, in conjuntion with the content of the invoice being issued.

Setting invoice payment status

Set the initial invoice status to Draft, Pending Payment (with payment terms), or Paid in full. For example, a cash sale that has just taken place will be generated directly to paid state.

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