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Issuing Invoices

Invoices issued via your OSO Books toolkit automatically generate and attach an up-to-date copy of your PDF, and if web payment options are enabled, also include a payment link to your payment gateway for this invoice.

This guide will cover in detail:

  • Issuing via Email
  • Notifications
  • Web Payment Link

Issue via Email

Click the "Email Invoice" button.

A prompt is displayed, enabling you to customise email options.

Confirm or update the recipient email address, the message, and optionally enable a copy to yourself if required, and click Send Email.

If you are on a Basic subscription, an email quota is applied to your subscription, with usage summarised below. Upgrade to a Professional subscription to enable unlimited monthly emails.

After a brief wait, a confirmation prompt is displayed.
The email is queued for immediate delivery to your recipient, with a PDF copy of the invoice attached. If web payment options are enabled, the email also includes a payment link to your payment gateway, for direct payment of this invoice.

Trial and Basic subscriptions are limited in the number of monthy invoices that can be issued directly to your customer via email from OSO Books. Refer to the Invoice Quota's help guide for more information on what consumes units of quota, and where to view your current usage.

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