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Web Payment URL

Every OSO Books business toolkit is deployed with its own private, customisable, subdomain. When you issue an invoice, a unique link is generated on your private sub domain to faciliate payment, and is provided in customer correspondence on invoices and emails.

This guide will cover the following web payment URL elements:

  • How it works
  • Locating the URL associated with each invoice
  • Payment of invoices

How it works

Client visits the unique web link for their invoice, and clicks the Pay Invoice button.
A payment method is selected from options you enabled on the invoice.
An updated copy of the invoice is automatically emailed to your client, and you are notified payment is complete!

Where is the URL located?

Login to your business toolkit

If you are unsure where or how to do this, refer to the accessing your toolkit guide.

Open the appropriate Invoice using the invoice quick view input from the dashboard, or by navigating to the Invoices page and selecting the required entry.
Scroll down below the invoice content, to locate the Web Payment URL container.

Clicking View will open the web payment gateway for this Invoice in a new window. Clicking Copy will copy the link to your device's copy buffer.

Payment of Invoices

If credit card and/or PayPal payment is enabled for an invoice, email correspondence to customers will contain a payment link, redirecting to your personalised subdomain to view the invoice, and faciliate payment.

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