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Supported Countries

OSO Books provides localisation of financial settings for the countries and regions described below. If OSO Books has support for your location, sign up in your preferred currency and select your location during product configuration.

This product is currently hosted in, and billed in the respective currency of the following locations: Australia, United States, and United Kingdom.

Locations Supported

Australia (AUS)
CurrencyAUD ($)
Sales TaxGST / 10.00%  Fixed rate
Financial Year     1 JULY - 30 JUNE
United Kingdom (UK)
CurrencyGBP (£)
Sales TaxVAT / 20.00%  Default, can be customised
Financial Year     6 APRIL - 5 APRIL
United States (USA)
CurrencyUSD ($)
Sales TaxSales Tax / %0.00  Varies, based on state
Financial Year     1 JULY - 30 JUNE  Default, can be customised

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