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Generating Invoices

This guide provides a high level overview of the invoice generation procedure for a standard invoice. For details on creating a recurring invoice schedule, visit the Recurring Invoices help guide.

Detailed information on each substeps, such as adding line items and issuing to customers, is available by visiting the appropriate detailed help guide, referenced below.

Create a new standard invoice

The invoice generation wizard enables invoices to be generated in draft, payment pending or paid status.

Login to your business toolkit

If you are unsure where or how to do this, refer to the accessing your toolkit guide.

Click the Invoices link in the navigation toolbar.
Click Create new invoice.
Input new customer information, or optionally select an existing customer record from your database, and click Next.

If entering new customer details, tick indicated checkbox to save the customer record for future invoices.

If you intend to email this invoice to your customer, ensure a valid email address is entered into the email field!

The line items page is displayed. Click the appropriate selection to add an item from inventory, or add a new custom line item.

For more details on invoice line items, refer to the Adding invoice line items help guide.

Populate and review the line to meet your billable requirements. Repeat step 5 for any additional line items required, and click Next to continue.
Customise payment options for this invoice to meet requirements, select the initial payment status and payment terms (if applicable), and click Generate Invoice.

For complete details on all payment options, refer to the Setting invoice options help guide.

After a brief wait your invoice is generated and you are redirected to the invoice management page.

To view details on features and functions available on the invoice management page, visit the Invoice Management Overview help guide.

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