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Manage Invoice Payment Status

Invoice records are automatically updated as payment is made online by credit card or paypal, with confirmation notification sent to both the recipient and your business. Cash sale and Bank Transfer payment methods will require the payment status to be updated from the invoice record.

This guide covers administration of invoice payment status:

  • Marking a pending invoice as Paid
  • Reverting a paid invoice to Unpaid
  • Issuing a refund

Mark a pending invoice as Paid

Login to your business toolkit

If you are unsure where or how to do this, refer to the accessing your toolkit guide.

Open the appropriate Invoice using the invoice quick view input from the dashboard, or by navigating to the Invoices page and selecting the required entry.
If required, adjust the date payment was made by clicking the date input field.

Select the date from the date input prompt.

Click Mark Invoice as Paid.
The invoice status toolbar, and invoice content are updated to reflect paid status.

If an email address is associated with the invoice, a prompt is displayed to optionally send notification to the customer.

Reverting a paid invoice to Unpaid

Click Mark as Unpaid from the invoice management toolbar
A confirmation prompt is displayed. Click Yes to confirm and revert the invoice to unpaid status.

Issuing a refund

Click Issue Refund from the invoice management toolbar
A confirmation prompt is displayed indicating stock levels will not be updated for any linked inventory items. Click Mark invoice refunded to complete the refund action.
The status toolbar indicates a refund has been processed for this invoice.

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