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Recurring Invoices

Providing goods or services on a subscription basis? Setup a recurring invoice and let OSO Books take care of the rest. We'll issue a new invoice to your customers automatically per the configured schedule, take care of payment and email reminders, while you can focus on building your business.

This guide will cover the following:

  • Creating a recurring invoice
  • Reviewing status and schedule
  • Editing a recurring invoice

Creating a Recurring Invoice Schedule

Recurring invoices will be automatically generated per the schedule you define, for the number of intervals configured (or until cancelled). If the recipient has an email address assigned, when they are created your customer will receive automatic notification with an optional payment link, if you have enabled credit card or paypal payments.

Login to your business toolkit

If you are unsure where or how to do this, refer to the accessing your toolkit guide.

Open Invoices, and select Recurring from the navigation panel.
Follow the standard procedure for creating an invoice, populating your recipient and line items. You will be presented with additional options on the payment options page.

For help creating an invoice, refer to the create an invoice help guide.

Set the appropriate schedule length as required, to either a fixed number of invoices, or continuous until cancelled.

A reminder email will be sent to your when the last invoice in a recurring schedule has been generated, enabling it to be extended if required.

The date of first invoice, and interval between each is configured in later steps.

Choose when you would like the first invoice in this schedule to be issued. You can select between immediate issue, or delayed to a particular date, to suit requirements.
Select the interval between each invoice.

Choosing a custom interval allows you to customise the number of days between each invoice, outside of the default selections.

Choose a notification option to suit requirements.

Automated email notifications require the invoice to have a valid email address associated with the recipient. You will also receive a copy of invoices issued to customers as they are generated, for your records.

Select payment terms applicable to each invoice that is scheduled for automatic issue.

If you selected the immediate option for the first invoice schedule, you can optionally set the first invoice as pre-paid.

The invoice schedule is created, and you are redirected to the overview for this scheduled item.

For more details on recurring schedule progress and configuration, refer to the next section.

Reviewing status and schedule

To review invoices issued in each recurring invoice schedule, and those upcoming, use the following procedure.

Open Invoices, and select Recurring from the navigation panel.
The recurring invoice schedule overview is displayed, containing customer/recipient details, a schedule summary and the last invoice or next due status.
Click "View schedule and history" to view a detailed history on invoices issued in the schedule, and those upcoming.
Click "View invoice line items" to view a simplified overview of invoice line items and associated pricing.

To adjust pricing of line items in the upcoming invoice schedule, refer to the next section of this help guide.

Edit a recurring invoice schedule

Locate the recurring schedule on the overview page, click the action button and select Edit Details. You are redirected to the Invoice editor wizard, prepopulated with details of this schedule ready for updates. Follow the "Creating a Recurring Invoice Schedule" section at the top of this page for details on the wizard.

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